Administrative Chick - Services
Administrative Chick - Time Saved is More Money Earned

Daily Money Management - To be discussed
Beginning at $200.00 per month

Please click on Resume and fill out the forms to the best of your ability.
No charge or a donation 
Includes unlimited updates at no extra charge!

Create a Linked-in account
A must have in today's job market!

Professional Letters

Surveys/Forms - To be discussed
I can create a survey or form to get information/feedback from your students or employees.

Scanning - To be discussed
I will scan all of your documents so that we can continue to preserve our environment!

Monthly Customized Support Plan - To be discussed
Beginning at $300.00 per month

Value-Based Pricing
Once we determine the support plan that will work best for you, that plan will have a set value price that encompasses everything for one monthly fee. You will know what you will be paying each and every month. Unlike hourly billing, you will not be billed at quarter hour increments nor will you receive billing surprises that were not in your monthly budget.

Individual Projects - To be discussed

I can set up a budget so that you stay on track and make yourself as successful as possible.
I specialize in various programs which covers everything from setting up your accounts, preparing invoices and keeping track of the things that help make your business run smoothly.
Preparing a proper letter is very important in getting your point across in a professional manner.